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Dream girl
she just loves when i get intimate
sweeter den a cookie i call her my enteman,
body beautifully embraced with tanlines
her figure enough to make a nigga heart stop and see flatlines,
i call her my eye candy
and when i need comfort she come in handy,
cuddles right next to me
in a huddle her head layin where my chest be
a downazz chick 2 provide
makin me wana kiss her mother a hundred times
when i see dem hips and thighs
love when i put her 2 bed
not talkin bout j holidays lalaby
she know dat the kid is hella fly
no matter if another nigga trys 2 holla
she dont even tell she taken jus ignores em as a sign,
wifey material is gettin old so ima call her my meanin of life
cuz as time progresses we both know its somtin more den hubby and wife,
im so head over heels
she got me stayin in place
like i wus runnin on a tredmill
it could be 100 degrees outside
babygrl still gives me the chills
i love how this feels
got me going crazy as though she's my e-pill,
yes she my dream girl other half of my world,
knows my weak spots and as soon as she kissin dem
i awake from a fantasy dream to my alarm clock....

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