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Spoiled Tradgedy

Im constantly exhausted

and i know ive already lost it

but i couldnt possibly know

whats caused this

pain behind the membrane

of my eye lids

its so insane to pay

20 peices of silver

for a dieing wish

but i can feel myself

sliping away from

what i once was

i can feel myself

drifting away from

what i onced loved

even after i take this pill

i still feel

as if i fake this thrill

day by day i pray

someone would just take my pain away

to the land of milk and honey

but isnt it funny

that both milk and honey


but now im to the point

of boiling over

im so drunkenly sover

i dont know which way to go for

the storm of endoriphins

are now swarming in before

my core can even absorb them

what am i exactly?

an ampetamine junkie

striving to be happy

dieing to remember

when living simply wasnt..

a fuckin tradgedy....



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