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Endless Illusion

"Terror tells the tale of a mindless monster,
ravaging nights of my dreamland so sane,
 nightmare calling to its only master,
phantom illusion as I wake to the day, 
let the living only see the light now, 
let the dark slip through to the deep,
losing now and I dont know how,
to climb out of this hole dug so steep."

"Let the dream come over me now,
let me dream to my endless escape,
nightmare calling but no answer to come,
never will I see the day that I will walk this earth alone."

"Cast a shadow on the weakened willow,
all of the world now watching your way,
soon the sinners will begin to follow,
listening now to whatever you say,
close the door to another destruction,
open a path to paradise so great,
all the earth now in an eruption,
still we fight to keep out the hate."

Chorus x2

"Falling to the end of the line,
but I still run away to nothing,
lost am I now in this horrid place,
let me go to my rightful state."


Chorus x3


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