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So here it is; from me to you
Brooke Dickinson
This is when times get bad, Sleeping with headphones just cause it feels right. Laying in bed feeling nothing but sad, Hanging onto my teddy bear with all my might. *** Thinking this was all for the best, I listen to those cute songs. Its harder then i thought; i must confess, But i just wanna know where this all belongs. *** Sometimes i feel lost and upset, Others i feel independent and free. But thinking about it puts me all in a fret, At times it even drives me crazy. *** At the end of the day its for the best, But there were flaws that could of been fixed. I wish we would of talked about it more i guess, And all of the emotions just got so mixed. *** Independence is my power and pride, Being controlled was just not okay. How much i loved you, however was my strive, But it all was ending in late May. *** So heres from me to you, Hoping whatever it was, that it gets better. Whether it was a girl, family; that came out of the blue, ‘Cause it would kill me to see you get any sadder. *********


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