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Misunderstanding fate
Brooke Dickinson
we all thought it was fate all along, but there were so many things that didnt fit. i never wanted you to leave your family, but it seemed like something you really wanted. *** im a girl that learns from her mistakes, my biggest one is holding on. i cant keep trying to be with one, that ones doesnt wanna be with me. *** it was never easy to walk away, but its alot easier than holding on. you walked away just as easy, but i know what you say is true. *** the day you told me, that you’d never change. honestly scared me thinking we would always keep fighting. *** you know i loved you for who you are, just as much as you loved me. but i changed a few things for us, expecting you to do the same. *** there so much more im still curious about, but i know i shouldnt even think about. your a big boy; can take care of yourself, and i know a girl so much better will come around. *** i would take it all back in a second, if there were things different. i never wanted you to leave your family. and i couldnt handle the meaningless fighting. *** i cant keep lying to myself, fate doesnt have all those ands and ifs. at this point i guess im at lost for words, crying to much over things that doesnt matter. ***

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