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I'm sorry to say that I just don't know anymore. Afraid of how this will end, because I've seen it all before. Broken hearts are broken more. Always mine. Never hers. And in my pathetic little attempt, I try to find the decent words. Would you listen then, if I begged you to hear me out? Or would you be much more content, just watching me as I shout? I would scream it to the world, but I'm not sure if you're worth it. When so easily you take my heart and so selfishly unearth it. Right into the ground, no wonder they call me heartless. With it buried six feet under, submerged in total darkness. My soul should've gone with it. Hell, why not just take the rest of me? Lord knows you spent all those years, just killing the best of me. Now what am I without you? What could I possibly achieve on my own? With skin that used to tingle at your touch, now aches right to the bone. I was never meant to let you in. I was warned before I fell. And it drove me to the point of breaking. The ones who warned me, knew you so well. It's a shame I didn't listen to them. I bit off more than I could chew. You were always so close to death with me. Remind me again why I loved you?

Tags: false love

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