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A Confession to My Love
I'm walking a lonely path through the night.  The moon sheds light upon my feet to guide me on my way.  The wind sings a mournful tune in my ear and keeps my mind set on the worries in my life.  Though I'll soon have to make a turn I know that I'll still be walking this path for some time.  I try to force happiness into my thoughts yet every step I take brings me closer to misery.  A fire burns in my chest, fueled by a torrent of emotions that are fiercely independent.  My anger towards those who wrong me or those who I hold dear. My sadness at my lingering lonliness that never seems to be replaced by companionship.  My hatred for anything in my life that I am unable to control.  My sense of weakness when I feel as if I should want more power then I already hold.  Even when I feel at my strongest, my abilities hurt the ones I love more so then the ones I seek to empower.  I feel alone in a crowded room.  A sense of detatchment overcomes me in a way that is unexplainable.  How can it be that I am destined, it seems, to be alone when I must feel happy for those who can experience love?  I have a love in my life.  Yet she may never know my true feelings if I cannot find it in myself to tell her.  Why must it be easier to tell a person "I hate you" rather then " I love you"?  Humans are amazing yet sad creatures.  We think in a way that no other being does.  when others see an entrance I look for an exit.  When I see others laughing, I break down inside.  My emotions are ripped to shreds every time I talk to the one I love.  When she tells me of a new person in her life I feel an obligation to tell her I'm happy yet on the inside I am raging at myself.  As William Shakespeare wrote in Romeo & Juliet "-- I am fates fool.--"  I was fated to fall in love with her yet also fated to be seperated from her and be forced to love her from afar.  Tell me how I am supposed to live my life happily when I can't live it with the one I love. 

Tags: confusion

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