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Twilight Passion
As i drift into the flames that daze the twilight sky
my mind begins to race and remember the days
spent in each other's eyes
i sit and contemplate the memories maze
locked into the safe of my brain until we die
its so insane of a resemblance
the blue fades away into the flames of rememberance
then soon after comes the blanket of blinding night
where only the forgotten thought of what was
spray the night sky
like stars endangered by the city lights
the moon begins to cry
its too soon to be a forgotten satelite
dancing all alone until morning time
the moon begins to hate the suns smile
but the sun is just as tired
dancing alone in the cloud covered atire
until the twilight when the two meet again
for just a brief second when the pain mends
then the flames burst and graze the heavens
and all the dispare the two share
decends into just another broken rememberance

Tags: passion

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