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[THIRTEEN] (poem)

im gonna start an army

of mutilated anarchist

as i stand on this parked car

in the middle of aushwitz

i can hardly wait to display this mad knowdlege

so when i pop off with something retarded

and the planet wants an apology

ill drop bombs filled with anthrax and arsanic

on the parties involved with trying to stop chris

but there is no stoping obsolete

because the words i speak

are like small pox combined with HIV

and you arnt shit

but an african slum to me

now im pacing back and forth

with this spray paint and tourch

attatched to this rolex and claymore

patiently waiting for the clock

to tick tock four oclock once more

and destroy the vatican

faster then a bad molestation habbit

then ill rewrite the bible again

to add a newer testement

and a better recipe for ecstacy

so the rest of texas

can be up with the new centuary

and receive chrisko's blessing for free


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