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Im to busy tearin into marriages

this heritage of sin

im wearing it

but aparently its big

to large for me to hold

2 trumps cards left to fold

its got to be 2 hearts of gold

its so hard to be apart in this dark hole

we like to call Camden

you look at me

as if i fuckin planed this

god i cant even try to stand this

when i got lost in her eyes

the whole world of insane pain vanishes

this dagger in my chest

this swelling behind my eyes

lving like this

will surely be our demise

it will surely lead to agony

behind every impossible cause

is the realm in which we dwell

as a broken watch in chaos

but why does the watch stop

so ungodly soon?

it was just thirty dirty minutes

after i got lost in thoughts with you

why was you and me

never ment to be

after you retreated at 9:30?

why did the stars not set us free?

why did you have to return to that demon

God, oh lord with no reason

behind why you change the seasons

why did you have to release him

on to this ghastly plain  we live?

what leasson shall i learn from that gift?

for he who giveth shall taketh away

so now in this cave is wear i lay

right next to all of her misfortune

2 minutes of her aura was pure torture

its not me lord who i worry for

but its her, she deserves so much more

she deserves to be kissed

on her heavenly soft lips

she deserves sweet innocent nothings

whisperd in her ear

she deserves not, to live each day

in well placed fear

lord, why can i not stop

her every tear?

why can i not be her savior?

why can i not be her romeo?

why can i not just let her go?

she was immaculate like julet

but why must her Married name be Capulet?

why can i not just be

but a glove on her hand?

why am i so jealous of the way

the wind gets to touch her face?

ill tell you why i rant..

because that mother fucker gets to be with her..

and i cant.


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