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The Lion
Liam Egde
To rebel against being in the clique To be an individual is to follow the crowd Whatever happened to fitting in? † Music becomes cults because the deity at the centre of the shrine Is who you werenít expecting Watch myself preach I have nothing to say Ears to my wisdom follow my way Bring yourself to me, become part of the state of play † Hang your head in shame You fell from your ziggurat No blood runs down those steps anymore Sacrifice wakes no gods But it satisfies simple mortals † Fight persecution Hate enslavement Believe the hype? No I donít plan on it Step up to the platform Until you realise a noose hangs from it You entered the gallows, now you pay the price † Be a lion Fool the onlookers Hold a reputation and leave it at that If youíre a lion then youíre the king Right


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