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blond hair and blue eyes
a couple faded moments
and the two smiles
is all i have
to remember you by
what if i could be
but a leaf on the tree
that stands outside
your window at night
then i could be
within a few feet
of your dreams
like you are mine everynight
im so full of jealousy
that i can hardly sleep
im jealous of the bee
that dances with the flowers
im jealous of the stars
that twinkle like your eyes for hours
im jealous of the breeze
that flows through your hair
im jealous of the smile on your lips
wishing mine could be there
im jealous insanely jealous
wondering why its lust that propels us
wondering why when you spoke
i lost all intelligence
i froze to absolute zero
my lips wanted to say sweetnothings
but instead i begin to float
complete ecstacy emotions
made my frozen body
feel so exsplosive
then and there
if i could of stoped
the aching stare
and said a few words
then i wouldnt be here
blond hair and blue eyes
the couple faded moments
and the two smiles
that i remember you by



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