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"A Man Of War" (Exodus 15:3 The LORD is A Man Of War, The LORD is His name.) 1- "For The Instructional Man Of War" "Silence Is Deadly, Patience Paying, Time Of The Essence And Goodness Upon The Woman Laying" "Quietly Have Patience And Rest, Enjoy The Love Of Your Woman And Steadiness In Hearts Upon Your Chests, As They Beat (Whether Away Or Near She Is Still Good To Thee And Dear, A Escape From Turmoil War And Gift From God)." "Be Preparing For Each Complex Structure Secretly Designed Within The Week, Its Years And Days, Victorious One Lays, De-Designing The Ways Whom They Answer, Thus This The Way." "Stay Fortified, And It Shall Defend, Enough Love To Send For A Friend, Brother Or Companion, To Help Understand And, Enjoy The Pleasures Of Gifts, Where Money Lifts Like The Eye Of A Triangle Through The Thoughts Of Perception, To The Own Beholder Who Played Watch At Its First Erection." - Letters At Service..... - Sincerely A Man Of War..... 2- "Check Mate" "Like A Game Of Chess I Quietly Express My Next Strategic Move, Like Teeth Locked Down To Chew Then Swallowed By Death Through And Through, I've Capture You, In Your Thought Of Speech, What You Thought Would Give You Breach, This Is Your War And You Have Forgotten Your Teach, Becoming Now Only A Anointed Two, With Out Your Lamp Snuffed Out Not Knowing What Do." "This Is Stealth Mode Where There's No Gamble But You Still Fold, From Fear Of Defeat And Shamble In This Land Of A Brave, Voice Bold Filled With Power To Say." "This Is Intense With No Ride Upon The Fence As The Colors Of This War Grow Dense Victory Is Sensed." "Aha Check Mate, Fort Breach Through The Gate, Once Foxy Until Stealth War Locks Thee, Rocks Thee, Like A Bomb, Boom From The Tics Toxy, Count Down, Sleek The Sound And A Hidden Base Underground." "Again, Count Down, Hit The Ground With All Hands On Deck Ready To Inspect Our Own Defeat In Neglect As The Missile Silo Opens With My Bomb Ready To Erect And Your Name Written All Over It." "Black Hawk, And Shadowed From The Heat, UAV And Accomplishments To Reap, Scope And Design From Each Stand Of The Seat, Like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon With A Steady Heart Beat." "Forward Lateral, War Literal, Spiritual, With Enemy Fearful, Sounds Of Tanks So Steer Full." "Radio Waves Cleared, Success Checked With Gear, Looking Forward To A Night In Patong With A Cold Bear, Still Keeping My Cool, She Luv Me Long Time So Warm The Stool." "Command Than Conquer, Conquest Strategies Growing Fond And A Brotherhood Bond." On Foot Soldier And Through The Air With Out A Care, Rifle And Knife With A Story To Share, A Man Of War With Commando In Store, Bazooka And Sharp Attitudes The More." Ezekiel, 29:17 The Path Like A Hoochie Mon Trail, Their Plane Airborne, Now Get Them Ready To Bail, Once They Land Will Throw Them In Jail, Break Them Down In Their Mind So Their Tactics Should Fail." "I'm Clothed In Your Fear As You Try To Judge Me, Sniper Shot As My Marksmen Silently Budges Me, When You Sweat Sweats Drops In Your Eye And You Find The Poisons My Bio Hazard Has Injected Inside." "My Soul Is On Fire, Like The Camp You Once Lived In Before I Made You A Strategic Liar, Knife Tip The Point, You Would Fight A Sidewalk In A Drug War For Your Joint, Flogged In View, Clogged In Due, Time, For In The Barrel Of Your Gun You Would Find." "This Is War, I Cannot Take It Any More As A Marine To Bust Down The Door, While Your Medal's Only Poke You Giving You A Sore." "Serve This, Like A Black Snake You Might Hear A Hiss, But Doubt It, This Is So Secretive The President Would Rather Not Be About It." "So I Unfold My Game, Each Piece I Have Cleanly Maintain, One Extreme To Another Sharpened By A Brother." "First Move Was Never Consider On Me, If So Two Would Be, When Their is Only One." 3- "Sometimes" Sometimes I Feel The Friction And I Want To Go Back To Drug Addiction, I Don't Understand Trying To Salvage The Little Joy I Can. It's Like I Get Away Just To Get Caught Facing The Hate And Loveless ness I Just Got." "Sometimes I Don't Want To Hear A Thing, Their So Right I'm Wrong For That, Still Leaving The Void One May Bring. It's Mad At The World Or The World Mad At Me Sometimes Without Focusing On The Unseen, I Guess It's Better If I Let It Be." "Sometimes I Want To Get Out To You What I Feel, But It's So Hot It Burns My Words For Real, This So It Seems." "Sometimes I Get So Tired Of Dealing With Man While Struggling With Scripture, Occultism And What I Would Rather Understand. They Don't Give Me A Hand Instead They Draw Back That At Their Own Personal Gain And The Moment Of Joy It Will Bring While Me Without." "Sometimes I See It For What It Is And Wanna Look Away, Put My Trust In Someone Just To Be Disappointed Another Day, They Take Each Word Away, Tell Me Im Wrong And I Should Burn This Way, Only Because I Failed To Do What They Had To Say." "I Know The Ones Love And It Cant Be Replaced, Have Shakes Or Un Embraced." "Sometimes I See That At, And In The Ministry, Christianity Separated Me, That After It All You Start At Rock Bottom And After It All, You Start At Rock Bottom, Learning To Be Fine With It, I Know I'm Missing Something, I Will Find It And In My Action Never Undermine It." "What It Is Will Bring Joy, Fill My Heart With Hope As I'm Very Able To Cope..." "Lights Burst Forth From My Soul, The Way And Control." "Sometimes Things Like These Happen, Calmness, Breeze At Ease, My Hopes And Dreams At Hand, While The Other I Just Failed To Understand, From Condemnation To I Can, Beat Up, Lied To, Knocked Around To Lovely Man, Secured And Structured This Not In Disasters In Sinking Sand." "All That I Could Ever Ask For Is Never Sometimes..." 4 -"A Weapon Of Power" "In The Vast Reality And Actuality Of Control, Elective, Selective Like A Pole, Common To Confident Grip, And Letting Go With Out The Questionable Strength Less Slip." "Powerful Taught Full Words That Is One To Choose Your Own Battles, Or They Will Be Chosen For You, The Reality Of Godliness And Enjoyable Riches To Know And One To Do, Battle Plan In So Many Options With Strategic To Hand, The Power From Dust And Bone With Creativity To Understand, Dreams And Common Calamity Of Man, Yet, With A Sure Full Redemptive Plan." "The Blue Prints And Secrets Are Top Notch, Presidential Declarations And Government Funding, Ended With A Glass Of Scotch, What May Conspirafy, Truth Divided By Lie, You Have Noticed, I Am Not At Liberty To Say, Within The Department Of Section's This Day, You See I Am "A Man Of War" And I Have Only Been Designed That Way." (The Problem With War Is No-One Wants To Lose) 5- "Most Sharp, Part 2" "Every Where I Look Their My Adversary Was, The Moment I Had Him Shook There The Bee Buzzed, Right Passed The Blue Barry Cause." "Tactical Theatrical, Freedom Of Choice, There Spoke The Most Sharp Voice." "The Feeling Of Power To Take A Life, Switch Destiny Like A Switch Blade Knife, The Good, Bad And Just Ugly, Prison's In Different Perspectives, I Wonder If In Any Of My Doings I Have Won Winner Electives?" 6- "Killing Them With Knowledge" "Its A Small Spot, But Can Take You For All You Got, Work Through A System Bringing What Is To Nought, I Wouldn't Call It A Friend To Sought, But Indeed After Your Soul It Would Considered Bought." "As You Stay There It Declares Its Power To Deprive Your Soul, Lying With You Feeling Like If You Have No Control, Whether Who They Proclaim They Are Beyond The End, There Creation Kept Giving In, So How Are They Now, Still Fowl?" "If Your Dreams Are At Hand And Can Make You One Man, Its Absurd To Watch Them Rebel Beyond Your Hand, Take Control, You Got This, After All Other Lies, Do You Think They Would Have Bought This, So Drop This If Its Not Helping, Forsake That Which Is Forsaking You, There Not That Smart When You Take A Bite Out And Chew, After All They Are Right Fully Dividing, "Your To Ours", To What They Once Knew, So, So To What They Once Knew." 7- "Beyond The Eat In Defeat" "Some Rulers Will Not Even Give You A Moment Of Rest, Those Rulers Seem Like The Best, Deep Down Inside Though One May Second Guess Like The Move In Chess." "Leave You Without They Can Profess, Trouble You Like A Uncertain Test, While Leaving Like As If Your Not Aloud Your Treasures With In Your Chest." "Like A Bullet Proof Vest, Or The Sharpest Shoulders With Out Lest, To And Morrow Belongs To One Much More Than What Lies Between The East And The West." 8- "A Bird Of Might" "Fast At His Prey, Soars Silently Upon The Way." "The Cry Of Honor With Darkness Flat Night, Black In The Skies Full Of Might." "Fire Fight, Patrolling With Keene Sight, A Point Upon The Beak To Force A Brutal Bite." "Sounds Like Thunder That Can Fly Bye, Borne Able To Try, Light Fully Strong, Secured And Feathered On High." "Black Hawk More Than One Word, A Brave Bird, Crewed Together As Victory Is Heard." "The Dust Swirls And The Talons With Hands Upon The Rotor's Curl, Griping, Swifting In Flight, Though Darkness And The Array Of Sun Filled Light, A Hidden Yet Reflection Of Power, UH 60 Black Hawk." 9- "The Realities Of War" "No, We Can Play Like This The Voice Of Well Thought Out Revenge Speaks, After All Its Godliness That Shall Invests Past The Arguments Of The Weak Weeks." "You Would Humble A Man Down Past The Dust If You Got A Chance, Filling His Visions With The Extreme Of Wrongs At Every Glance." "As You Play Your Game, You've Forgotten Jealousy Is Like The God We Claim, Hatred And Hell Fire Destroying Acts, You Should See The Way Our Children And These Towns React (We Rally Around Your Family With A Pocket Full Of Shells)." "No Record Of Wrong, Silently Loving, When Its You Who Has Invented The Gentle Shoving, Trying To Take Mans Pride When We All Live Here But Its The Question How And Where Will He Abide." "A Jester Is Mocked By A King And A King Wages War, Its Funny To Know His Own Towns People Are Bandage To What's Still A Sore, To Much Food Will Not Have Him Having Much More, And His Queen, Needing Someone To Adore." "Your Out Of Line, You Know The Rules, War Doesn't Breed Just A Army Of Fools, Buy Your Kools, But Don't Smoke Them, Unless Your Willing To Wage The Pitch Fork In Your Foods After You Have Poked Them." "They Are Being Mastered By A Mastered Who Is A Master, While The Question Remains What Lye's In Between, Those Who Ask Will Get The Answer Of Soon To Be Seen." "I Can Understand Somewhat Of Why Hitler Killed Off His Neighboring Brother And Sister The Jew, And The Military Of What They Would Rather Expose Of What You Thought You Knew." The Demon Belongs To God, For God Repays: 10- "War And Enough" "I Sit And I Think How I Just Can't Tell, I'm Wondering If This Ship Will Ever Again Set Sail." "And Woman I Had, If Ever So Easily Along Side With My Dad, His Love And Teachings Across A Watery Spirit, And The Abilities From A Church To Lovingly Hear It." "The Colors That Once Flew Still Know Their Heights And The Angel I Am Victorious In All Of His Mights, No Demon In Hell To Watch Over Me, Instead A Hand Full Of Hope Handed Into All Of Eternity." "I'm Making My Way Home, My Way Home, The Shield That Supported The Face Of Disaster Is Soon To Only Be Justified By Its Master, My Way Home, I'm Making My Way Home, In This War And Enough." 11- "Militant Youngsters" "Pick A Side I Scream Out Alive, Into The Pry Of A Door Of A War And Beyond, A Battle Not Gone Wrong." "They'll Take Their Children And Raise Them Up Offering A Terrorizing Terrible Divisive Cup, This Just To Answer The Word War, Trying To Construct Civilized Civilians By Creating Villains The More, Just For The Opportunity From Division To Become Accord." "Their Recruited With Weapons, Fruited With Elections, On The Spiritual Spoils, Collected Up After The Reality Of War And Its Toils." "Guerrilla Fella, Sexism Race, So Young It Is War They First Must Taste." 12- "Things Are Evolving" "Their The Way To Get The Bounty Of Your Head, There Is A Way Rather Instead Than To Wind Up Dead, Dead From All You Were And Are Trying To Obtain, Find This And Claim." "Rag Doll Roots And Tomatoes With Fruits, Life Is Really As It Seems And Than The Voice Pukes." "Clear Your Head, Than Listen To Were Fears Had You Not Lead, Meet Rich For The Solving, Than Things Are Evolving." "When I Was Younger I Broke My Leg, The Doctors Fixed It And Now I Walk Okay, In My Time There Is No Problem That I And Another Cannot Turn Around." 13- "The Instructional Man Of War 2" (Covert & Persuasions) "You Have To Slip In And Slip Out, Undetected Like Faith To Doubt. "Trade With Out Even Knowing It, Gathering Information And Not Even Showing It." "The Elements Of Surprise At The Moment One Blinks Their Eyes." "Display At The Perfect Time, Master Like A Protector Catching Himself In His Own Designed Crime, Created In Godliness." "To The Protector The Police Are The Bad Guys To The Bad Guys, Just Like Without Light The World Can Lead To Bad Tries From Bad Lies." "You Must Detect Undetectable, Lighting The Way To War Respectable, Info Red Check able And Soul Full Spirit Survivable." "When You Win Your Enemies Favor Charismatically, Their Battle Begins To Turn So Radically That They Are Blinded By The Light, Out Of The Dark A Colorful Array To Make Them Right, Like A Brigade Building Combat Power, Your A Bright Fortified Strong Tower." -This Message Will Self Destruct After Reading: At Your Service, A Man Of War. 14- "The Buddhist Accord" (The Foreign Agent, Spy, Lover Woman) "Her Body Is Golden Heraldic, Lovely Beloved Lover, Soothingly Smooth Not Generic." "She Is Foreign But Will Make You Feel At Home, Winning Win With Light Crisp Tone." "She Is Whisking Me Away, Slightly Warm Together In Nakedness We Lay." "Making War Not A Bore, Killing By Wanting Each Other More, Playing A Buddhist Accord." 16- "Limitless" "You Want To And So On, Its All In Your Mind, In Time You'll Grow Fond, And You Will Find, A Dream Can Come True, One Or More Can Belong To You." "You Have The Ability To Govern And Law, Present As President Your Selective People In Awe, Freely Free And The World Upon With Your Soul, You Should See Its All Under Your Control." "But A Dream Your Life, The Right To Fairness And A Stunning Wife." "So Many Words To Understand And Creation With Your Helpers At Hand, Anything Is Possible As You Can Do All Things, And The Goodness That Claims Out Of The Dust We Form Names, Names For Or Any Occasion." 17- "The Mourning Muslim Woman" "Life Is So Hard, So Hard She Cries As Her Loving Muhammad Stares At The Gleam In Her Eyes." "Her Trusted City In Ruins At The Sounds Of Her Mourning, What Is Faith Telling Her After This Dust Full Scorning, Keep Calling Through And Your Desire, Beheld Through Your Eyes Shall Come True." "A Woman Of Spirit And Religion, Such A Much Needed God Like Decision Upon The Incisions Of Her Heart, A Prophets Gentle Oar Seeping Into Such Apart, Spirituality Art, Loving From The Start." "Strong And Knowing To Stay True, The Way Through, And What To Do, With The City Hidden In Her Heart She Once New." 18- "My Indifference With Rights" "I'm going to combine my humanity and their rights to certain Godly truths, where purchases are in certain proofs." "Own up to fact that the way we act, good is found in all, and respect a friendly protectors servant full call." "I am powerful and able to create, shape and make, recreate for my own sake, live in and abide outside a lie, in all of a desire, would try, and admire." "My word & art is protected and expressed as I'm freely living, all because of the Love one is giving" 19- "The Privileged Power" (Thy Protector) "Thy Protector, Servant To Bare Arms, Siren Alarms, Because Of This I Am At Peace, If Anything, Able To Call You Brother, I At Least." "Authority Over Woman, Trusting, Black, White, Blue, Red, Rusting, Neo New Instead." "The Authority And Power To Take A Life, Kill, Be Killed, In The Line Of Action, Duty Full And Governmental Impaction." "Safety Secure, Solitude From Them Who Lure, As Your Enemy Of Character Absurd, Yet Some How Mastered, Confidence In The Face Of Disaster." "There Is A Line Only Those Are Privileged To Cross, What Choices Made And What We May Have Thought We Lost." "Laying Down Your Life In The Face Of Fear, The Feeling Of A Division Drawling Near, Action And Assignments Made Clear." "Thy Protector Honor So Dear, Futurism And Secure Sounding So Clear, Gratitude Together Rejoice In Your Ear, For I Am Confidently Safe When My End Is Far And Near." (There Is A Feeling Only The Trusted Know, And So Many More.) Thank You Thy Protector... 20- "I Just Can't Do It Captain" "The Link That Travels Into The Hole Of The Loop Would Most Definitely Have The Man Stoop Whom Figures Out The Confirmation Of That Design, The Linked Traveled Line Past The Fortified Mind." "Like Thoughts Built As Universal Spiced People Becoming One, This Would Be The Looped Hole Link To Be Obtained, A Drug Addicts Field Of Cocaine, Hurrah Claimed, At The Man Of Wars War With All The Battles Made One, Past, Present And Future, Won." "This I Believe Is Every Mans Dream. Possible Though Untouchable It May Seem, Costly Beyond Any Gem Stone, Describable In Courage, God Made One With Own." 21- "Searching Out Heaven" "Recognise Recognize, Sort The Truth From Lies, Is There A Heaven Beyond The Despise And Sighs?" "Truly Ask Yourself And Avoid Your Gruel Sum Like If Your A Keiblers Elf, Ever If Its War, Victory And Winning Is Just Asking It More." (My Lover I Dream Of That When We Have Everything To Obtain And Everything To Give For Each Other That Our Seeking And Finding Of Each Other Will Come In Perfection.) 22- "After Death" "I Find It A Bit Troubling As My Soul Seems To Be Already Bought, And When It Seems We Have To Answer To The Ones With Most Money And Power, Taking A Side, It Doesn't Matter What I Got." "Getting In, To Have To Win, Bringing What I Know With Out Falling Into This Trouble Again." 23- "A In Gulf Of Garment's" "Its Definitely Factional And Actual To Be Called Charismatic, Satanic, Angelic And Free Spirited At That, Back To This Fact, The Colors Help All In The Act." "A Certain White Power, While Loving Chocolate Lovely Past A Certain Hour, And A Lover At Heart, Poetically Gifted And Artistry Insisted To Start." "A Faithful Religion, Knowledge Incision On A Open Brain, Builder Of Architectural Design To Enjoy When Obtained." "These Are Gifts Of A Lifestyle Found Somewhere In Time, When You See, Take Hold And You'll Find, Thus This A Good Time." "Humanity Sanity With The Power To Handle Thee, Baring Arms With A Freedom Of Speech, Movement, Thoughts And What To Teach." "Its All Been Done Under The Sun, Spiritual And A Night Stalker With A Gun, Knife Sharpen Man As Man, Loving People And A Freedom Land." "Black Pantherized And Mesmerized, Angels And A Kingdom Of Lights, A Protectors Upheld Duty With Loved Citizens In Their Sights, Sodomites, And Gays, All This As The Rebel Strays." "Active Soldier In The Military, Spec Operations With Assignments That Very, Paul On The Missionary, Call, Satan And The Star To Fall, I Can't Help But To Hear The Call, More Like A Presidential Calibration Founded In God That's All, I Verses I, True, Lie, My Oh My The Cry." 24- "Your Thoughts Are Tiny Rulers" "What Did I Do To Pay For You, Your Taking Over The World Why You Use Me, Its Always Better To Sell It Usually, When Someone Wants To Master Yourself, Buying Your Way In To Avoid Your Elf." "But Think Deeper Once You Get In, Is It Still Them Wanting To Spend, Pleasure Of Sin, Family, Love, What Ever You Call It They Want You More Than A Rhyme, The Only Problem That's Two Not One You Will Find, So Give It Time, Nickel And Dime, Embrace The Rather That's Calling Mine." 25- "True Identity" "The Rulers That Make Up The Character Of Ruling Have Tested Me, But I Truthfully Claim They Have Not Gotten The Best Of Me." "People Are A Lined In The Same Category, But It Is Only One Declaration At A Time To Call The Glory, No Regrets Or Regret Full Debts, I Am In True Identity." 26- "Set Free To Be" "Jesus You Are My Freedom To Indulge In Love, My Spirit My Dove." "The Satan For A Reason, Prosperity In Season And Confidence At Had, Your Freedom With Action I Understand, To Do Anything I Choose, And Choose Not Even At I May Choose By What I Got." Lord Jesus Thus This I Pray To Thee, Free Me From Those Who Betray Thee, Example Unnatural, Proclamation This Demonstration, Ad Normal To Normal Freedom From Aggravation Of Indifference. This Is Too Much, Amen......... 27- "There Is Something More Here." "They Say Build A Life, Free Of Choice Freedom From Strife, Compensation To Better Suite Your Needs, Just Full Assure The Answer Like The Catholics Spending Time With Their Beads." "In And Over The Suite Of Argument We Get Ideal, Just Like Contradiction Of Biblical Insight We Find For Real, So What Suites Your Needing, Faith To See Beyond The Baby Teething." "A Point Past And Beyond Argument Of Voices Trying To Corrupt My Song, Protection, Just And Favorable Conditions In Election, Equal Work Equal Pay, Opportunity To Play While The Proof Of The Other Is Still Of Say." -28 "Indulging In" "We Don't Want You Here Screams And Comes Clean At The Reality Of Hidden Secrets." "There Is A Trying To Not Let You In, A Hindrance To Be Given Over Again, With Out Worry Friction Or Trouble Of Hurry Mentioned, Welcoming Is Rich Beyond This Detention, For You." -29 "The Same Old, Same Old, I'm Told, Neo I'm Sold" "Same Old, Same Old Spirit, Clear It, Endear It, And Settle A Score, Make It All Not A Bore And A Asking Of Some What More" "They Invaded Out Of The Light And Dark, Their Leader Same Ignite Of The Same $park, Ship Wreck In A Park, The Cruise, Noah's Ark, A Engine Blown By Wind Only For You To Control Again." 30- "Gifts From Above" "Oh Episode Of Shock I Think Not You Will Inhabit The Mind Of My Own, Spirit Sweet I Rather Be Pleasantly Known, Angelic To The Bone, Strong And Full Of Tone." "Voice Of Opposition You Hint The Listen Of A Voice Of Only Help To The Victory That It Is Missing, No Longer Is Their A Falling Star Crashing And Burning Down Afar That I Am Wishing, Thus This Upon, Were It Is So Faulty I Am On, I'm Left With Nothing Once Again And With Out Along." "I Will Turn Like The Rotating Solar System's, Only To Once Again Learn And Earn Those That Shine Bright Like Galaxy Filled Wishing Missions, Successively Succeed, Endeavor And Achieve, Soar Faithfully." "Courage Bravery, A Bold Statement......." 31- "Black Suite And Blue Swayed Shoes" "It Can Be Hard To Believe Not To Have Certain Things Any More, Madness And War, But The Right Times To The Core And What To Love For." 32- "Societies Finest" "I Take Safe Passage As I Am Faithfully Healed, My Spirit Is In Well Keeping As I Am Sensitive To Its Comfort I Feel." "Successively The Providence Of Courtyard And Country I Surround, As This Solid Secure Stand I Find I On Strong Ground." "Justly Justified With Truth In A Land Of Lovely Love, Living As Pure As The Air From Above." 33- "I Am Freedom..." I Want To Talk About Freedom To Live It Out, What Is It And What's It About. When You Wanna Do Your Free To Do, Break Away Free From Lie Into True. If You Like This Or That, Freedom To Do So Is There, Or Their Matter Of Fact. Freedom Is The Very Thing That Releases You From What You Are Free To Do, Even If You Were Holding Unto Freedom. I Am Free, Free To Do, Choose, Free To Use. I Am Free From Burdens And Curses, Free From My obstacles And Uncertainty. Free From Mistreats Of The World's, And Insanities Of The Mind, Free From Legalism This Time. I Am Free From The Same Old Places That Drag Me In, Leaving Me Questioned And Without Again, Condemnation And Damned Friend. Free From Older Arrogance And High Unfair Religious Rule, Past Choices I Now Dislike, And Just Unsettled Answers Of What This World Might, Do To Me...... "I Am Mainly Convinced There Is Some Line Drawn To Perceive The Non Abilities To Pass, So Cruelly Intention To Allow You To Only Finish Last." "So Many People Locked Up In Their Homes, Drawn Out Serving To Reach The Top Like Others As Duty Drones." "Its A Charm Though, Telling And Not Telling What Will Be Shown, Guess Though Like To A Stoner Were All Just Home Grown, And Stoned, Answering To What We Have Known, Closer To A Absolute Clear Tone." "A Brothers Love Goes Deep Into The Thoughts Behind The Masks Of The Identities, Freedom To Do As You Choose While A Love Full Rescuing Hand, Their Are Plenty Of Theses." "Heads Over This Sisters Or Mates, Perhaps Just Pleasures For Certain Dates, Whatever It May Be They Breach The Gates Quenching Their Swords To Challenge Our Fates." "Hope To Server You Well Even If Were In Hell, Take Our Victories To The Point Will Never Fail, Bail And Not Growing Our Ghost Pale." "There Is Something Hard Pressed Upon As Issues, In This Age There Is Something Going Through Those Who Have Chosen To Slightly Reveal Themselves That Impress Upon The Thoughtful Head Upon The Chest." "I Have Found Those With Second Opinions When There Is No Room For Second Opinions, Only This As A Message I Fill As Send Ins." in regards.... _A Man Of War.

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