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This is a test of attention
not to mention the tension
between all lyrical breeds
we are the elites
we are what thrives between the sheets
of your minds daily brain freeze
these are the lost thoughts
that most folks are afraid to think
some say its another lost cause
because gods faught over the contents
of pandora's locked box
which is exactly what chris spits
chaos and a couple of tears mixed
into the hot pot of a twisted fix
later to be injected
like an infectious kiss
onto the lips of some unsuspecting kid
not knowing the evil he speaks of
such as cyanide lies, and fire hot guns
neverending fights, and crying doves
its not a curse, just a flirt with realization
its so brightly cynical that it feels amazing
the pain blazing in a rage of encagement
its so defacing...thats what it is
its plain to me the way these archaic dreams
and insanely obscene phrases leak
flowing from my mental capacity
of grasping greed so casually
this is fould to me, but im proud to be
what most people leave near a dumpster
what most hoes know as their dumb first
ill now allow the sound of this gun burst


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