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Icy Lips Of Blue
This season has been all but white;
Winter glows in sunny light.
Frosty air is all that’s found-
Leaving kids in broken frowns.

Wishes of crisp snow to pack,
Crunching in each hurried track.
Thoughts of snowmen built too high,
Though the ground seems all too dry.

Tonight kids will lay to sleep,
Not dreaming of presents piled deep.
Minds imbedded in bodies of snow;
Sparkling and glimmering with continuous glow.

As morning dawns and little minds adjust,
Built up excitement comes out in a gust.
The racket of feet running  in hurried sweeps,
Finding the tree with presents stacked steep.

Behind the tree something catches their eye-
Shimmering diamonds falling from the sky!
Gracefully floating at a steady pace,
T’was a miracle only Santa could face!

Thrill swelled up and began to grow,
Throwing on mittens as they run into the snow.
Snow fights and snowmen,  laughter  and fun;
Tired as ever but the days just begun.

Never ending smiles with icy lips of blue,
Getting colder and warmer with every snowball they threw.
Parents plead and beg for a warm, heated break;
Sought out to lose with worthy fun at stake.

The chilly sun sets and all play goes quiet,
Kids unwind from the blissful snow riot.
Whether or not more snow shall be sent;
A wonderful snowy Christmas was perfectly spent.

Tags: holidays

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