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Flo Round 2

yea you got a sick flow
like an anorexic white chick
with syphalis drippin from her nose
just to let you know folk
that shits is still not as slick as chrisko

i just snorted 40 portions of lumenol
that i scraped from OJ's walls
ive taken 80 respidals
now i cant rest at all

but this battle isnt about me though
its about how sick
flows shit really is

its about as sick as a kid with slit wrist
its so contagious
its like small pox and the HIV mixed
its like the death wishes  cancer kids invision

its so sick its near twisted
its so mystyic its as if your gifted
but im clairvoyant

i can see all your thoughts
even before you record them

im that kid that every fat bitch
thinks is annoying
but this parts imporant
acording to this empty clip

that i keep on pouring

was enough to win

but thats only my point of view
four more balistic tips
i like to refer to as
these lyrics that i spit
is enough for both of us to get lit
so minus the gun shots..
id still say you were just pistol whiped by CHRIS..



Tags: devotion

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