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flo wants a battle

one two three, i think flo wants to battle me, im proud to be he, who steps to the plate with a full clip and a can of spray paint, im high as  dead crip, and i walk with a limp, not because my nuts are heavy, but because i was drop as a kid, right ontop of my cranuim, these 8 blunts is why im playing dumb, but if i was you flo, id grab one of those, birds you fly high with, aim at your dome and get blown, pow pow your now walking around wondering how, i could let this honkey stomp me, but dont worry now, its not possible to stop me, its not even feasible, because im too unbeatable, but if you wanna try again, ill pretend you have a slight chance, so what are you waiting for, click post a verse, we can battle some more.



Tags: visonary

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