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Rossetta Poetíce
Helplessly intrigued and hypnotically mesmerized written on your eyes i had you... Feeling like I was ur girl diggin ur style constantly drawn to ur world u had me... Words excavated from your mouth into words penetrating through my ear hath shelved in my mind thoughts of an 'us' 'we' 'together' Considerate as a bee to a lonely daffodil in a desert with a nature as kind as a kitten you were; you showed me. your seemingly interest in me became branded on my naive heart; things you told me. The branch of a pink flowery bush; the switch of a matriarch The innocent face that won the passion of a man; the bruised palate of insecure fists Words of endearment became sarcastic whiplash as you drove me away; you drove me away. something turned u against me and our friendship undocked and sailed away. Who are you any more or have I met the real you? The you whose poetic lures trapped me but the invaluable parts of me told you to throw me away; your throwing me away. "Oh but it's how I deal with not being able to love you so much, Your just misunderstanding my pain" when u told me that, a memory flashed back, you took me to a unforgettable place; you took me there! You changed, only lasted 5 months in your beautiful royal garb, to a familiar fit leaving you cold and blank to my hart. I refuse to be at your mercy at your whim...right before my eyes you entered a metamorphism.

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