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97 " Past Ten Miles Raised Up Into Providence For Smiles"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
“Past Ten Miles Raised Up Into Providence For The A.C. Coolness Of Smiles, Oh Sweet Freshness Of New Miles.” “Sun Blazes Hot Out Side With The Windows Up (Take That Sun), It’s Sporty With The Shorty As One May Put In The Passenger Side Over The Bumps We Glide, King Bee In The Charm Of The Shades Of The Trees Of Providence To Divide The Sting With Her Arm.” “Tinted But Acceptance Of Not Winning A Protectors Love, How Could We When We Ask The Questions Do We Deserve The One From Above.” “White Alright, Sharped In Sight, Finest And Appreciation In Like, The Words I Have Made It, Successful Out Weight It Yet Lighter Than A Feather As The Hater Fighters Laughs At What They In Endeavor, Where I Is The One Where I Is To Cleaver.” “Determination Is Not Detrimental, So Leave The Judgmental To Hint To All What’s Really Going On.” “Sharping The Fire, Leaving The Uncertain Something To Admire, Give Reason In Due Season To Stop Teasing And Get The Point And Grow Lighter.” “Confidence To The Ends Of The Earth, Birds Chirp The Perch All From A Faithfulness Of Works.” “Let God Whoop Your Ass In To Achievement And Give All The Uncertain Thought Filled With Their Actions The Relieve Meant.”

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