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92 "Individual Mastered Realities"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Am Charismal Holding Beliefs, Powerfully Poetic With No Excuse For Reliefs. Artistically Individually Creative Of Things Pertaining To Creativity." "I Am Attractive To The Woman I Am Attractive To, Choose Those Whom I Choose, Interactive With Those Whom I Am Interactive To And Lose Those Who Would Rather Lose, Whether I Am Speaking Of Myself Or Another It Obviously Doesnít Matter." "Character Is Defining And Changes In The Blink Of A Eye, When It Is Time For The Gift And Moment To Come Is When It Is Time That I Cannot Deny." "I Hate Legalism To Think That Their Could Be A Wrong, Whatever I Donít Know Allows Me And Right To Get Right Along." "I Believe In Charm And Am I Only I Is Understanding Of How To Use It, Because Beyond These Limits With Another Soul Leaves No Room To Abuse It, As Jesus Puts Love Your Neighbor As Yourself." "Individual Mastered Realities, Call It Political Views And My Right, Perhaps Just Coming True Dreams With The Perspective In Sight." "Family Who's Got My Back To Take A Stand With In Any Occasion, Gently To Reach Into The Souls Persuasion, Of It's Self Control Of What It Already Holds."

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