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94 "I Have Arrived To Deprived"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Deprived Arrived Around Thirty, Never Actually Knowing It So Sturdy." "One View Against Another, Charmed And Lead Away Into The Dividing Plunder." "The Hope Of Success Is All For None Or None For All, Did I Sell All The Way Out Or To The Inside Did I Fall." "I Don't Care Much For People Out Side Interest Hate Screams, After All Here, That's The Only Successful Answer It Seems." "This Isn't A Government Its A War Where They Bring You A Line And Throw Stones At Your Door, Hoping One Will Slip In Just To Shake Your Rights Again, Views And Hopes, Wants And What One Would Thinks Are The Ropes." "Christians Compete To Not Be Made A Devil But When One Becomes One, Gratification And Pride To That Word Feels Like Ground Level, After Building So Much Than Touching Destructions Touch." "The Question Arises Why Were We Given Life When Moments Before Man And His Cruelness, It Seems To Take It Will End The Duel Ness And Way We Understand." "I Hate Their Towers And Armies Of Men When I Cant Find The Sharpness To Break In And Through Again, Being Mastered By The Hardest Thing To Fight, The Hardest Thing To Fight Is That In Which You Donít Understand, That In Which Tests The Sharpness Of A Man." "Most Sharp Is His Name, Identity Is Wrapped Up So Freely Is All That Is To Gain, But Donít Forget To Give Away Because If Not You Might End Up Alone That Day." "How Does One Know Justice With Out Being Deprived From It, Or Am I Throwing Divisions At You, How Does One Know To Trust This With Out Being Lied Through It (I Am Speaking Of Myself), Or Am I Showing Intuitions At You, Oppositions In Submissions Due To The Sharping Of Ones Competitive Competitions In All Of Ones Conditions May Answer That, Though, But You Still Must Believe." "Im Bigger And Better Because That's More Right, While Leveling It Off Still Keeps The Same Knowledge At Sight, Thought And Embrace, Its Hard To Accept Anything Were Given We Might Not Want To Face, And Rather Neglect, But That's What Divides The World Right Jesus, In All Respect, Unless I'm Studying Satanism, We'll Have To See." "Division Make I Should Be Everything I Shouldn't Be Before I Can Be Anything I Wound Be Make Sense, A Way To Cross A Entire Fence Leaving Only Yourself To Test In Offence." "I Have To Keep Writing These Words So I Don't Become Charming, Charismatic When It's Just Some One Else Nibbling Their Nails Feeling Alarming, Let Me Feed You To Humble You Down So My Truth Is Truth While The Other Is Falsely Ground." "But Wait What If I Want To Be Charming Or Charismatic, No No, See That Doesn't Leave Room For The Clarity Of What I Think Is Right But Only Static." "But Are Not Than I Being Deprived Of What I Believe And Say Is Right, I Cut Myself To Feel Free At Night, Free From What Supposedly I Do Wrong While Believing Its Enough Feeling To Get My Right To Come Along." "Im Going To See If I Can Be A Porn Star, After What I Have Seen, And Some How Mastered And Enjoy Such Words Powerfully After Once Before Thinking Its To Obscene." "I Want To Violate And Rape You From The Inner Child You Are Leaving The Two Of You Afar, Do Things I Didnít Think I Can Do After I'm So Done Selfishly Talking To You, But Only Because You Want Me To." "What I Thought Once Was Wrong Some How Love Came Along And Conquered In It, Mingled With Hate And I Martyr In It, Demolishing Rights." "I Cannot Defeat You Yet, LoL With The Fort In Erect, And It Drives Up The Wall, So Much Better Than Me From A Ride On A Mountain Standing Tall, She Liked Me But I Shy Away, This Wont Happen Anymore I Declare Some Day." "But Anyways Bags Packed To A Book Of A New Act With A Tray In A Up Right Condition And Heart In A Upright Position To....."

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