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90 "Job Security"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"On Cued To The Same Page Strategies While Perfection Stratifies Perfection Only Exemplifying Un Work Full Tragedies." "Perfection Is Striving For Perfection While Employee Gratification Is Top Notch Election With Winning Approvals." "System Movement Exceeding Improvement While Functional And Stabling, Victorious Succession Winning In And Under A Management Enabling." "Clarity Of Same Minds, Skillfully Ethically The Soul Finds And To New Methods It Binds." "Worry Less Professions Of Satisfied Expressions From A Spirit Of Protections In All Sections, With A Work Force Gently Enforced In Love Of Coarse." "Raise Fully Praise Fully Benefits With In Time, Monitored By A Leading Character Defined." "This Is The Comforting Severity Servility Civility Of The Finest Full Of A Job Security."

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