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88 "Queen Jezebel"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Whorish Sliced To Enticed, Legs Spread, Seductive In Bed With A Stare That Can Leave You Dead." "Hot Word Powerfully Inclined, Aroused In Lust And All Intertwined." "She Is Sleeked To Move, Desire To Prove, Un Aware She'll Let You Know What To Do." "Sassy And Classy With The Slit To Make You Quit, Restraint, Wooed Away, Ruling Like A Throat To A Shank, This Into Her Body." "Her Tongue Can Be The Tip Of Eternal Hell Fire, But The Way She Uses It Can Leave You In Admire, This Is After She's Done Soothing The War Of Fire And Ice." "She Is Accompanied By A Dragon And The Flesh Of Debauchery She Leaves Sagging." "Her Lamp Is A Eternal Flame With Seductive Sexual Words With Out Shame, Burning Bright Into The Night And Tamed." "The Man Is For Woman And Woman For The Man, While Jezebel Is A Spirit You Might Have To Learn To Understand." -This Is My Dedication To The Enjoyment Of Those Words In Power That Entirely Spice Up A Love And Sexual Life With Women, Those Women With Their Relationships Of The Same Mind And The Queen Jezebel.

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