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87 "Surf Ministry"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"A Morning With A Set Sail, Break Of The Sun Rising Over A Nice Swell." "Rights And Lefts In Crystal Clear Waters, Loved Amongst God's Daughters." "Perfect Breeze Amongst The Palms As The Hearts Beat Calms After The Oneness Of Flight, The Next Set Is In Sight." "Toes Upon The Nose, Closer The Sandy Beach Grows As The Breeze Blows." "Its A Good Hot Sun Filled With Joyful Fun, Long Board Action With Waxy Traction." "The Woody Is Parked Perfectly In Spot And I Cant Stop Smiling From This Love I Got." "Fruit Filled Spirituality, Paradise Morality, Invincible In Immortality, A Brightly Colored Soul Like A Beach Umbrella On A Pole Over Duality." "Summer Loving Were Having Blast And I Met A Girl As Cute As Can Be, But This Isnt Greece Lighting Just Surf Ministry." -To The Beach Bums, Locals And Newbies, Surfer Chicks And Sand Spur Pricks.........

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