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85 "Purely Sexual"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Purely Sexual, Respectable Clean, At Heart, Purity Love From The Start And Seen." "Finished To Win A Certain Powerful Experience Again, Like A Trophy Or Ribbons With New Life To Refresh In Them." "Hard And Functional, Thick And Big Again, Through Thick And Thin Again." "A Unction To Function, Perfect Excitement In Erect, Innocence's To Newly Love With This Body In Check." " The Ministry Of Sexual Sound, Love All Around, Judgment And Someone Found, Once Again, Is There Someone Out There That Feels Just Me? There Is." "Were On The Prowl Thinking Some What The Same, Fulfillment To One Without Shame." "So Many Stories Involving The One Self, Neighbor, God And Lover Like Top Shelf, Than Beloved And Nod, Slowly Into Pure Sexuality Relationship In Odd, Seeing Beyond Rule And Or System Of Normality." "The I In Me Wants You To Be Purely Sexual And Clean, Charmed In Arm Not Pushing Away, With A Corrupt Sexual Lifestyle And Emotional Harm Where After We Might Not Want To Stay." "No Fear Of Un Expected Little Ones And Babe, Why Because That Certain Oneness Can Stay Saved." "Thus This Powerful In Love And God From Above, Under Working Controls Yet So Free Like A Dove." "Be Purely Sexual Thus Indeed, And To Those Of The Same Mind One Shall Heed The Need." "This Is To The Soul And Gift Of The Purely Sexual Spirit, Satisfying Its Beholder To Hear It." "The Charm Of Looks And Safe Acts Like Guide Books" "A Sexuality And Body So Worth Its Possibilities, Gods Love Fullness's With Relational Abilities."

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