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84 "One, One Marriage Material"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Super Cool To Not Play A Fool, Softly Turning Her Like Were Tightening A Gentle Tool, Turn, Learn, And Than Earn." "Short Blonde Hair, I Can't Help But To Stare, Share, My Most Intimate Secrete With Her Body In Ease Meant." "She Reminds Me Of A Starr Shinning Never So Far And A Intriguing Woman At A Bar, These Words Most Definitely Shall Come True If Not Than Heaven Would Not Know What To Do, For I Love You Is Safe To Say, Why, Because Definition Has Made Us That Way." "Someone Out Of The Future Yet So Present As Presentation Puts, A Gift Heaven Sent With Out Hesitations Of Foots, Body And Eyes, All Else That It Forms And Doesn't Despise." "She Is One With A Almighty, Keeps Herself In A Fact, Identity Neat And Tightly, Thus With A Love To Act." "Patience In Love Has Defeated Our Reason To Fight Thee, The Oar That Calls Us So, Soul To Glow While Together We Flow." "She Is A Wife Of A City In Clouds As She Rides Upon The Winds Taking Her Lap, Futurism Her Act, Angelic Beauty And The Sky Her Map." "She Keeps Her Hair Short, Experimenting If At Needed, Answering The Depth Of The Soul Where We Call Seeded, Woman She Has Obtained And Identity The Same, Altered Ego Still With No One Else To Blame. Her Love Under Love I Claim." "A Tree Full Of Fruit To Pick And Taste A Soul Never To Waste And A Reason To Never Make A Haste, How Than Would I But Not I Enjoy Her?" "She Can Be Young Whenever She Wants, Mature As In Profession As She Hunts, Innocently Strong, Woman Come Long, Be As My Song, And Sing With Me, Artistically Creativity, In The Eyes Of This Beholder, When I Am Young And When I Am Much Older." "Silky White Milk As Her Cry She On Owns, Worth It Even In Moans." "I Can't Help But To When The Water Drips And When She Licks Her Lips." "Witch One Still Connectivity In Approach, Winner Her Heart Like A Successful Head Coach." "Dark Yet Pale, White Skin Knowing Where To Begin, All Wrapped Up In Eternal Love With Her Through Thick And Thin, Again." "Oh And Yes My Little Gym Shorts, Like The Rest Found In Word, The Moment They Were Receive And Heard, Like The Will Of The Father Spoken Through The Chirp Of A Bird." "Compatible Charm, One, One Marriage Material, The Do In A Dove, And I With My Love In

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