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80 "Sex With Devils"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Sex With Devils Wild Crazy, Now Is Time For Levels, Edification To Hazy." "Blacken Erratic Charm, Squeezed Tight Hand And Muscle In Arm." "Sweat Drips Tongue Lick Tips, Bent Tight Hips And Hard Pointed Nips, Crawling From The Pits, Of A Minimal Tower To Form Another Hard Hour." "Vishish Moves Hot, So Out Of Control That Moment Is Bought, Same With The Soul Sought And The Devil It Got." "Slick Licks Up And Down, On The Table On The Ground, Fearless Free, A Lusty Sweat And Whorishie." "Evil Dark The Art, Debaucheries Lover To Start, Wicked Intentions, Sexual Whispers The Mentions In Sexual Impurity Dimensions." "The Sex Sold My Soul, Devil Horns Like Bull, Richly Put, Sexual Behaviors From The Head To The Tip Of The Foot." "Anti Christ, Lesbian Spice, Just The Age To Abduct The Soul In Heist." "You Demonic Sexual Sex Addicts Porn Matics, Charismatics, Purely Sexual, Erectional, Highly Haughty Eye Inspectional." "Slutty, Smutty And Slit, Legs Split In Bondage, Lushish Look, Super Smooth And Took, Hardcore More And More." "Your My Dark Spirit, Freak Nasty, You Enticed Me The Moment You Passed Me, Carried Me Off, They'll Keep With A Cough." "Sexual Devils, Each With Two Horns, Opened Unhidden Porn With Their Divisiveness Fruit As Korn." "Their Opened Minded, Sixty Nine Binded, They'll Chase You Down, Pinned Down, Find Somewhere Around, Hidden To Take The Fall, Lead Away Into Such All." "This Is Devilishly Delightful, And Handful And Sight Full, Spiteful, If You Like To Feel This Way With Another, Rightful, So It Seems."

Tags: Twisted

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