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53 "Cream Pop's And Hotcakes"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Are You The One On The Corner With The Candy Lollypops, Who Likes To Wear Short Gym Shorts With High Tube Socks?" "I Can't Wait To Meet You There, To Hold Your Curves As You Stare, Even In A Pair, Im A Lover At Heart And Our Nakedness Shall Deny Our Apart." "Banana Pudding Nut And Such A Cute Little Butt, Loving The Way Your Tummy And Pelvis Touch's My Gut." "Oh My God, I'm So Excited Im About To Lose Control And I Just Cant Hide It, So Excited I Think I Like It."! "So Innocently Anew What Do I Do But Help To Leave The World With You." "Out Of The Absurd A Cry As A Call Is Heard, A Hard For Stroll A Little Less Than Hikes And Brightly Colored Pig Tail Stripes." "Your My Strawberry Shortcake To Take And Make Happy, Where A Old Perve Swerve As The Geezer And Weezer With Out The Absurd, So Cute At Age, Sweet As Sugar And Goodbye Hades." The Hotcakes Are Up For The Platter, When Cream Pops No Lock Or Sadder, Just A Boost Beyond The Surroundings Of A Bladder." "Pinned Down And Abused For Being Strange, Nope Just A World And Land Of Sweet Arrange, Love Like Water." "My Sweetie Come Meet Thee And If You Are More, Intimately Your A Tingle And A Delight To Mingle For, Giggle Giggle And Jiggle Jiggle Making Me One When I Am Single." "Your My Cream Pops And Hot Cakes, Soft Takes And Little Tooshie Shakes, Factory Powder Puffs, Sweat In Sports And Even As New Ports." "Strawberry Shortcakes With Sprinkles, Water Wet Tingles, Bubble Gum Pops And Smells, A Love To Avoid Certain Cells And Old A Mans Ahh Hells." "Where The Young Women Stroll Up And Makes You Their Choice All Because Of A Certain Still Elders Voice." "This Is A Young Love With No Push Come To Shove, Wiggles Of Love And Giggles From Above." "My Warm Factory Of Delicacies And Certain Celibacies, A Pro For Thy Verb, Ministry Not Of Thee Absurd, Just The Power Of Thy Word, "Young Lover"." (To My Relationship With My Young Lover Whom Can Be And Become Intimately(ILoveYou), To The Old Guy After The Young Ones, You Rock Old Dude.)

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