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79 "Dazed And Spiritually Used"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Oh Look Its Raining Ecstasy, And There Is A Furry Green Monster Laying Next To Me, This Fantasy Has Got The Best Of Me And The Unknown To Be Known My Destiny." "Euphoric High, No Lie Into Eternal Sweet Bye And Bye With Certain Words To Defy." "Pop Me Another Spiritual Xanax Fill, A Fixed Fill, Whatever The Division Is And A Fault Heal." "Im In Some Superior Delight Where A Champaign Supernova Seems Alright And I Would Stick My Hand Out But This Flying Gator Might Bite." "Two Keys Shipped Of The Pure Uncut Christ While Satan Rolls The Dice And God Stays Most High." "Omg I Want To Do It Right As Were Making Love Because Were Making Love, As Long As Its Good It Could Be Better Than Back Rubs, If Not The Same." "Life Is What You Make It, After, The Same, So When It's Raining Yellow By The Purple Pond Remember This Poem And You Won't Go Wrong."

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