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76 "The Hail Of Glory"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Bottoms Up, Tip The Cup, Gun Blast It Happen So Fast Ehh Its All In The Past That's What's Up." "She's My Fault Waiting To Happen, A One Hundred Percent Twist For The Acting, Purity Once Gained But Now Lacking And A Mountain To Learn Im Packing." "Flick On The Porno Tube Hit The Sex Shop For A Lover Lube For Were All Going Down In A Hail Glory Because The First Shot We Got Didn't Prove Were The Ruler Of The Story." "How It Feels To Be All That Again, Out Due Yourself And To Convince You Win, That Another Laying Down Life My Friend." "Wooohooo Goodbye As I Look Into Your Eye And Reach Out And Die." "Come With Me Into A Ball Of Glory My Significant Other For I Don't Have It Now For You Just Promise Me You'll Stay True As I Master Loving You." "For There Are So Many Hows And Who's On Dying, Sin To Just Take It Down Again And Answers For The Crying, Truth To Lying." (What's The Sinful Nature For, To Try Again, How About Lay Down Your Life For Your Friend Or Friends? Don't Worry It All Comes Back Around Again.)

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