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74 "I Cant Help But To"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"When It Is Time, Succession Will Be Your Expression As Your Surrounding Agrees, There Will Be No Complications Between The Birds And The Bees." "Providence Is Practiced While Mastery Mastered And A Enemy Before Loves Disaster." "It Will Be Okay Because Its Okay And All That Can Consume A Day Will Be In A Full Filling Light To Shine The Way." "Figured Out Will Be What Were As Some Is About, Forsaken Doubt And Trouble Less Pity Pout." "No More Fight Inside For What Is Truth And What To Do, Only The Moment Of Content Full Fill Meant Pushing Through, I Love You And You Too, With A Smile Back Anew." "Governed Successfully Safe, Re Rightfully Revelation The Revolution And My Wickedness Conquered, Together Stronger, Gifts Lasting Longer." "When I Look At Her I'm In Love, One From Above, The Feeling And A Dove, Thankful To Be Noticed, Gently Accepted With No Shove." "I Cant Help But To Believe In Someone So Good, Created For Someone Not As I But I." "Believing In Love, Your Love, Tommy."

Tags: goodness

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