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71 "The Anti Characters"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Vishish Growl Drooled From The Teeth Sell You To Rust Like A Ship Wreck To A Reef." "They Snarl As Body, UnGodly Haughty, Flesh Their Garment Lined In Naughty." "Cold But Not Sick In Bed, Hell, Impure Thoughts Their Sick In The Head, In Actuality They Act In Duality Whorish Lusting And Without Sensuality." "Warped Sanctuary To Ritual They Marry Only To Bury, Scary, Sacrificing With Their Sign They Carry." "Fire And Flames, Blackest Tame, Sulfur, Coal Ashes And In Vain With A Anti Name, They Are The Stain, Beauty Of Shame, False Glamour And Fame." "They Would Pimp Their Mother If Given The Chance, On The Corners Up Side Down Selling Her Soul In Stance, Only To Inherit It As Nature." "They Are Ill Gotten Gain, No Moral Rule To Claim, Jesus Spit Of The Insane." "They Are Kingdom People Just Under A Warped Steeple, With Their Rulers And Aim Just Not The Same Side To Claim, The De With Design But Not In, Availability To Sin To Have Their Indulgence Again." "It's Funny What They Deliver As They Slither With Such A Anti Zealous Affection To Create A Inward Erection Or Just A Most Low Removing The Soul Of The Glow." "Revert To Hurt As Bernie Killed Burt Their Youth Ministry Teaching Sinistry." "What One May Call Good They Bring Effort To Doubt As They Raise Their Snout, Fat From What The Anti Are About." "Area Code 666 These Are The Anti Family, Devil Horns And Animal Manly." "Their Beauty If You Believe And From Your Moral Life Choose To Relieve, And Things You Pulled Away From Rather To Cleave."

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