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70 "Lucifer's Reign"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Oink Oink, Snort, Snort, Here Pigy Pigy, So Far Into The Sicky Sicky You Don't Notice It No More, Cold Flesh Pressed Up Against Each Other Like Your Dead On The Floor, Whorish Wanting And More." "Oh Ha I Know What I Got Screams, Running Of With Hands Unclean, Divided Only To Fall To Divide Again, Finding Immorality Worn Out Thin." "What Child? I Bore A Omen, Absent The Told Of The Old Men, Unless Their Crown Satan, Morality And Cleanliness Their Hating." "Sniff As The Dog, Rights Robbed And Pick Like A Crow As If Were Corn On The Cob, Jesus The Scare Crow." "Most Impure Slimy The Speech To Slur, The Worse Of The Worse Not Ever Your Own Curse, Haughtiest Of Eyes And Most Despised." "Lucifer, King Of Hell, Prince Of Demons And Most Disgust Will This World Be Yours In Time With Out A Fuss?" "For You War With God In The Felt Of A Finger That's Been Smack In The Cold I've Been Told?" "Let Your Famous Word, As Religion Absurd Most Dirty Of Speech Like The Chirp Of A Bird, Infected And Inject By The Most Evil As You Rule In Your Upside Down Steeple." "Lucifer I Speak, As You Play Your Part, Not Ashamed Of Your Art Or The One That Lets You Be, You’re a Angel Strong, Hope To The Point You And I Would Rather Get Along, Respect The Ordinance Of More Than A Song, A Spiritual Empire, Lying In The Midst Of The Truth And A Liar." "Most False, And Deceiver, One Who At Times Would Rather Hang Up The Receiver." "What's It Like Down There I May Ponder As Your Underworld And My Rights Grow Fonder." "I Have Found You In A Privilege To Be Apart Of My Despise, It Reminds Me Of The Coldness In Your Eyes, When My Finger Has Been Smack That Sting You Remind Me Of What Could Be The React, In My Feelings It Is The War Though That God Has Me Brought To The Healings If Not Anything Before." "Secretive Is Revealed Because Of What's Been Sealed And Its Amazing How There Is No Deal Just Faith And Relation At Point."

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