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69 "Check Mate"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Like A Game Of Chess I Quietly Express My Next Strategic Move, Like Teeth Locked Down To Chew Then Swallowed By Death Through And Through, I've Capture You, In Your Thought Of Speech, What You Thought Would Give You Breach, This Is Your War And You Have Forgotten Your Teach, Becoming Now Only A Anointed Two, With Out Your Lamp Snuffed Out Not Knowing What Do." "This Is Stealth Mode Where There's No Gamble But You Still Fold, From Fear Of Defeat And Shamble In This Land Of A Brave, Voice Bold Filled With Power To Say." "This Is Intense With No Ride Upon The Fence As The Colors Of This War Grow Dense Victory Is Sensed." "Aha Check Mate, Fort Breach Through The Gate, Once Foxy Until Stealth War Locks Thee, Rocks Thee, Like A Bomb, Boom From The Tics Toxy, Count Down, Sleek The Sound And A Hidden Base Underground." "Again, Count Down, Hit The Ground With All Hands On Deck Ready To Inspect Our Own Defeat In Neglect As The Missile Silo Opens With My Bomb Ready To Erect And Your Name Written All Over It." "Black Hawk, And Shadowed From The Heat, UAV And Accomplishments To Reap, Scope And Design From Each Stand Of The Seat, Like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon With A Steady Heart Beat." "Forward Lateral, War Literal, Spiritual, With Enemy Fearful, Sounds Of Tanks So Steer Full." "Radio Waves Cleared, Success Checked With Gear, Looking Forward To A Night In Patong With A Cold Bear, Still Keeping My Cool, She Luv Me Long Time So Warm The Stool." "Command Than Conquer, Conquest Strategies Growing Fonder And A Brotherhood Bonder." On Foot Soldier And Through The Air With Out A Care, Rifle And Knife With A Story To Share, A Man Of War With Commando In Store, Bazooka And Sharp Attitudes The More." Ezekiel, 29:17 The Path Like A Hoochie Mon Trail, Their Plane Air Born, Now Get Them Ready To Bail, Once They Land Will Throw Them In Jail, Break Them Down In Their Mind So Their Tactics Should Fail." "I'm Clothed In Your Fear As You Try To Judge Me, Sniper Shot As My Marksmen Silently Budges Me, When You Sweat Sweats Drops In Your Eye You Find The Poisons My Bio Hazard Has Injected Inside." "My Soul Is On Fire, Like The Camp You Once Lived In Before I Made You A Strategic Liar, Knife Tip The Point You Would Fight A Sidewalk In A Drug War For Your Joint, Flogged In View, Clogged In Due, Time, For The Barrel Of Your Gun You Would Find." "This Is War, I Cannot Take It Any More As A Marine To Bust Down The Door, While Medal's Only Poke Your Giving You A Sore." "Serve This, Like A Black Snake You Might Hear A Hiss, But Doubt It, This Is So Secretive The President Would Rather Not Be About It." "So I Unfold My Game, Each Piece I Have Cleanly Maintain, One Extreme To Another Sharpened By A Brother." "First Move Was Never Consider On Me, If So Two Would Be When Their is Only One."

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