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68 "Charismatic Pornstar Miracles"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Cannot Believe Mockery Screams Why The Believer Says So It Seems And The Star Gleams." "I Am Charmed Beyond Recognition, Just Watch A Listen, You Don't Know What You Been Missing." "Mutual Attraction In Action With Some Income Made As Its A Miracle Someone Like Me Got Laid." "The Colors Can't Seem To Get Any Brighter And I Didn't Even Have To Fighter Her, She Turned Like A Apple To Cider When Squeezed Together, Told Me I Was Someone To Admire In Latex And Leather, Everything Else Involving." "Its Hysterical, The Miracle And Many More At Every Porn Stars Charismatic Door, So Much That I Thought I Would Be Sore Or It Become A Bore." "The Industry Is On A Rise But It's Only Hidden Behind Our Eyes, When It's A Reveal, Sexual Frustration Is A Heal, And The Horny Pig Served Its Meal." "Like A Hornet Stinging Like A Bee, This Though Is Outside A Legalistic Religion As A Hive Hanging From A Tree, Oh Poohie, Move Me." "Interesting People We Can Be, Charismatic Porn Star Miracles Is A Example To See, Unless That's Thee." "You Can Be Charismatic, A Porn Star Without TV Static But To Have Miracles As Both Makes Me Automatic To The Systematic Of Such Things, Others And What Love Brings." "Born Star, Anti To Your Religion, Porn Star, All That's Left Is The Charisma And Miracles And A Vintage Car, Professionals To Drawl You In To Three Words Together For Something Wonderful My Friend." "Get In Where You Fit In, Home Of The Really Free, And Some!"

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