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73 "The CombineCHURCH"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Our Anticipate To Participate In The Congregate Is To Demonstrate Congregational Sensational Of The Foundational Of One Once More, A Edify Built Of A Door With A Sanctified Floor To A Combine Nature With The Spiritual In Store, Heavenly And Eternal, And Sin To Bore." "Two To The One, And Three? Marriageable States To Be, Connections In Prime, Key Fruit Like Lime, Needed Filled By Him In Due Time." "Minimal Ministry Clean White Like Perfect Dentistry Doing The Cleansing Control, A Smile Of Teeth From Sheep With A Washing Of The Soul." "Son, Becoming One, Won, By Building As One, As A Building Structured, A Building Structure, A Combine Church, A Family Juncture." "Combinations Eternal With Connection Jointly To Hurdle, Strictly Trained, Maintained And At Aim, Connecting The Dot For The Treasure Each Soul To Sought, Dot With Dots And The Point Together As One With The Anoint." "Construction, Annual Deduction, Pulpit Into Anew Suction, So Hold On, Gates Open Sanctuary Psalm." ""Combine" Clearance And Brought, Thus Through Heavens Gate We Got, Just The Way CombineCHURCH Ought." "Its Quite In Here As You Sore As A Angel Over Eternity In The Midst Of All States In Thus This State, This Heavens Gate, Find Thus This Part Of Yourself And Feed The Bait Producing The Mate, Me At Their And What Was Ate, They Can Call It Fate But Patience Has A Due Date And Your Gift Is Born, So Thank You For The Mourn, Weep And Wallow, Deep Watered Faith And Into A Shallow, Back On Land Hand In Hand And In God Together As One We Stand In A Love Of Combine Church While Yet And I Am Only A Man." "Planted A Seed Once, Nourishments Come, Rainy Water And A Bright Sun, Thus To Grow A Church And Become One." (To The Power To Be Able To Enter Into The Eternal Heavenliest And Holy Of Holies With God To Look At Thy Self In Need And Answer In All Ruling.) (Thank You For The Spirit Of CombineCHURCH)

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