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67 "Push Comes To Shovel"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"In The Beginning Of Every Ending You'll Find Me, A Story About No Story, Blind Glory." "Where What We Thought Were Love Ones Are Just Dust From The Ground, Reminder's Of Only Another Sorrow To Be Found." "Pull Up A Chair Unless Your Only Brought To Despair, Hell, Because Of Some Right Someone Thought, Just To Have Taught And Leave Life Impaired." "Some Go To Church To Be Loved, Than What's Left Out Is Only Found Out After Your Accustomed, Some Only To Find Hell, The Broken Cracked Liberty Bell." "Sometimes Loves Fault Is That It Never Fails And Accompanies Words We Rather Not, Reversing The Insanity Of It's Soul To Sought, Leave Me Be One Screams, Let Me Go By All Means, If You Love Me." "Hate Occultism And You Wont Defined Love, Decide For Other's To Decide A Let Above Be Above, Enjoy Each Other's Fault's As The Schooling Of Religion Halt's, Everyone Is Someone, Anyone When You Choose The Thing To Believe Just Don't Forget Who Choosing And Doing Thee, And The Set Free." "Which Way Up Or Down? How About Away From, No Connection's And Some Still Found." "Your Why, And I, My Judgment, In All This I Would Rather Die, I Hate You As I Enter Eternal Goodbye, Sigh, You Lie..." "Promise Me This You'll Kill Me, And Waste Me Away Beyond Anything And Nothing I Can Say, Fill Me Extremely Just To Take Away, Remember Here In My Grave Is Where I Lay, Where I Will No Longer Be Offended By Love On That Great Day." "Completly Crossed Over And Passed, Paradise Lovely At Last" "Any Soul To Enjoy, Creation And Coy." "Complete....."

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