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66 "I Won By Not Winning At All"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Will Remove The Tic From The Stick In The Mud That You Are, Your Star Leaven Not Far From The Fame And Glam The Moment You Came." "No Longer Will You Reveal Your Faulty Land, No Plan, Your Age With It's Rage And A Un Published Book Without A Page." "You Won't Waste My Life, Give Me Tension From Your Pride You Can Cut With A Knife." "What Did I Trust When I Let You In, Just To Feel Another Opportunity To Feel Poor Again, Certainty That Will End And The Fact You Slither Like A Un Wanted Snake My Un Friend." "Your Right Is The Depravity And The Voice You Felt So Eagered To Not Hide From Me, A Corruption From A Disagreement All Flee, Even With A Unease Meant To Be." "I Have Power Of You And The Corner You Back Me Up Into, Will Grow Each Hour Endowed Through, Even Out Just To I Know What It's About." "Your Divisive Plan In Judgment Will Not Let You Stand, Your Division Your Causing Pointing Out Fault Has Now Left You Band, From A World Created With A Unwanted Man." "How Can You Be Of Spot When Your Removed Wrapped Inside Out Not Knowing What To Do, I Cannot Believe By Believing In You, This Is When I Answer By Not Answering At All, Hope You Get The Point As You Take Your Fall." "I Regret What Is What They Might Try To Say They Are, Yourself And The Argument That May Try Not To Leave You Afar, Your A Fish In Judgment Except You Catch Yourself, Baiting Eat Bait, One Day You Will Meet Your Fate." "My Enjoyment Is Feeling You Fall Short As I Raise The Tower In My Fort." (We Won While You Win And You Win While We Won)

Tags: love war

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