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65 "Be Not When You Are"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"I Hate Trying To Be Something Im Not, Wasting Time Trying To Reach To Something I Already Got." "Eternal Life With Heaven Is Now, The Body Pow, Beaten Into Place, Spiritual Food Plow With Taste." "A Legend Full Of Legacies Handed All Around, My Girl Is Lovely When She Is Dirty, But They Say I Sold Out, If This Were So Then There Would Be No Market Place And Faithfulness Would Turn Into Doubt." "The Benefit Of What Was Said, So Much To Dream Still Like As If Were Living In A Bed, Sleeping Of Fantasias, Realities And A Fat Head." "Church, Let Us Make Thing's Better With Our God, Run Off And Be Odd, Then Just Wait For The Nod Of Someone Ready To Give It All Away Again." "I.... Love..... Here...... Now...... Even Though You Took What I Said....."

Tags: personal

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