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64 "Wowzers Bowzers"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Wowzers Bowzers Dougie Howzers And The Md, Followed Up By A Big Screen Tv." "Where's My Christian Brother's Who's Got My Back In The Religious War Or Did I Not Hang Enough Salvation Canvassers On A Door." "Mabye I Converted But I Didn't Give Enough Time, Just Enough To In The End Another Friend To Find, Waging War From Out Of The Dust To Dust With Eyes Fully Open To Love A Must." "Yeah I Chose That, Don't Worry I'll Fire Up A Gun As Soon As I Get Back, To The War On Sin Just To Begin The Lift Up Of No Grin, Broken To Straight Forward Smile My Friend And Than Boom Laughing Again." "Thank You God For Your Peculiar People And The Power To Shake Our Steeple, A Man Of War As Lord Singing As Son In And On The Letters Of A Song, After You My Humbly Last One." (The Power Of Friendship, Revealing Truth, Laying Down A Life And Picking It Up Again, A Whole Richly Enjoyment Of Everything With Him, Not Hanging On To Tightly And The Secrete Of War.)

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