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63 "Godless"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"The Tarnish Of My Soul Is Revealed And Coming Together, Like A Bird Snuffed And Plucked Of Each Feather." "As The Spider Spit's Its Venom, Into My Being Poison Deludes My Tear Drop's And That's All That I'm Seeing." "Depression My Best Friend, Hurt Is All I Could Send Only To Find Out Who Would Be With Me In The End." "Im Only Told The Cold And To Darkness Im Sold, This Game I've Wagered My Life With No Fold." "Understanding Has Left Me Here And I Accompany The Dead, Live In The World Were Thing's Were Better Left Un Said." "The Mic Is The Only Thing Open While Every Part Of Me Hides, Fearfulness Has Captive, A Stranger He Abides." "I Am Clothed In Lies Mirrored Be Despised, Creep Is What Clobber's Me Until Another Part Of Me Dies And Un Goodness Accompanies Sigh's." ""Am I Right," Has Stop Screaming From Far Behind, Live Less Love Less I Have Given The Time And To A Web Of Sorrows I Bind." (Sincerely Dishonored Godliness, Godless)

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