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62 "Broken Charm"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Brightly Colored T-Back, Vivid Down The Back Crack When She Moves." "Her Flesh Hang's When She Bend's Over, Whorish To Her Owner As A Expert Moaner." "Her High Heel's Clank When She Walk's As She Slip's A Heel, Holding Her Garment Up Lushish Lip's With The Tongue To Seal." "Snap Will Go The G String And Such A Pro To What You See And Mean." "Her World Is Coming Down For One More Moment Of Attention Into A Reach Only To Mention, More Of Her Broken Charm." "She Is Easy But In No Way Sleezy, Snappy In Deceit, She Likes The Way She Feel's, Beautiful Yet Broken Identify In Strip Tease High Heel's." "This Is Her Choice When She Can Be Anything Else She Want's To Be, This Though Will Leave Between Her And Me." "This Is Our Broken Charm But Not Our Melody, A Woman Not Afraid Of The Lace Panty And To Leave You Feeling Tingle Sensational In A Dandy." "Our Freakish Pleasures Of Marriage Behind Door's And In Front, The Thrill Of Such A Sexual Stunt, Pulled Off Slowly Yet Quickly, All The Way Off With Action A Blunt." "The Spice Of Flesh And Skin, The Spice At Best, Lovably Like A Friend While Leaving You Relaxed In The End." "Sit Back And Enjoy This Her Famous Word's As She Drives Off With The Sexy Hand Amongst Her Herd's, All This And A Cigarette If To Choose." "The Lonely Man Much Makes The Call When It Is Her Charm That Needs To Be Seen To Take The Fall, Redemption Back Around, Judge Full Sound And Un Hound On Solid Ground, Though We Have Never Left." "Such A Beauty As A Certain Shame, Like A Adult Industry Fame, The Star Of Porn Full Yet Acts, Likes And No Lack's." "What A Pro She Is In Her What Some Would Say Shameful Show Biz, Irresistible She Gives Off In Judgment, A Pleasurable Night Amongst The Government, And The Re Like Humming Bees To A Fresh New Charm, Lady Accompany Me When Im Lonely In Arm." (To The Pleasures Of How 2 Could Be And That Woman That Doesn't Let A Man Go Lonely.)

Tags: Whorish

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