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60 "Return To Sender"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Im Going To Cut The Spot Out Of My Soul You Gave Me, When You Enslaved Me, To Your Legalistic View's, To Form Your Crew's, That Slaughter's Other's Like Jew's." "I Though Will Encamp Beyond The Fault's Of The Dam, Erase Your Memories Of What Not I Want The Best I Can." "False Godley, Teaching To Make You Feel Right Yet Fallen Short From The Body, Oddly, You Will Give Away, Because If Not I Trust You Hear What I Still Had To Say." "You Won't Control Me No-More, With All You Had To Store, Make Me Run Again And Again, To No-Where For No-More." "I Have Chosen By Not Choosing At All, False Voices To Hear I Eliminate The Call, Religion Bad, Break Free Forever Like Winter From Fall." "There Is No Hope In Hell, So Shut Up The Cope In Veil, Because I Still Have It And All My Reason You Couldn't Find Courage To Grab It." "Sweet Appeal To Stand Tall, Look At What It Was And End It All." "ILOVEyouSuicideTHATSHowIWIN,overyou,myword..........


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