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59 "Shameless Approach"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
“Shameless Recognition, Intuition In A Belief, Safe Passage Proclaiming Relief.” “From The Tiniest Step, A Grand Entrance Where In Opposition You Find Nothing Left.” “I Stand For What I Believe Speak's Without Saying A Word As A Cluster Is No Where Known Or Heard.” "How Can It Be, Passing So Gently, Pressing In Smoothly, Something To Do With Me? “Selfless Knows Such Answer’s, It Is You Not I, That And This One That I Do Not Deny.” “Shameless Approach, Like The Team That Belong's Winning With A Winning Coach, Break For The Sweetness Of A Piece Of Cake, Swiftly Through Approval's Like Hand Shakes, Vision’s That Come True Like Camera Takes.” “It’s A Crown Found With A Loving Entry, Astound And Bound To A Hint Full Ministry, Approaching Gently While Being Approached Where Clustered Opposition Is Never Our Host.”


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