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58 "It's A Set Up Not Set Back"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Its A Conspiracy Their In The System Just Watch And Listen." "Their After Me Lucky Charm's And Life With Their Loud Alarm's." "It's Mikel Jackson Without The Glove Screaming Where Is Not What You Call Love." "A Government Conspiracy Growing Clear To See, Man I Can't Take It No More As I Bust Down The Door Of Delusion's, Invade With Illusion's, Secretes And Revolution's." "I Have To Come To A End Before I Can Know How To Begin, Is Poetry Deceiving When It's Preaching We Want My Friend." "Man You Need To Start Revealing And Stop Concealing So These Hand's Can Start Healing And I Pay For My Enjoyment Wicked World." "Look At The Lot I Got To Plot, Take Down Your Point With My Dot, All This Judgment Of What's Going On I Was Bought." "This Is Such A Conspiring Conspiracy To Shake Such A Heresy As I Love Love." "In Regard's, Im Swiping In Like Charge Card's, As His Dear Son."


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