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55 "Keep Your Head On Straight Mr. Governor"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Astrology Of The Mind, Ideology Un Spaced Out You'll Find." "Liberate The Atheist You Jungalist, You Better Run, Gorilla Gun." "Ready, Set, Revolt, Satan The Bolt, Faction Or Occult?" "Agnostic Boombastic, Such A Very Fantastic To The Lover's Lover's, The Shemales Bareback With No Rubber's." "Illuminati, Tommy's Gun's Like John Gadi, Wow What A Freaking Body, From That Christ, She's So Nice." "Perpetual Musician's, Business Men, The Word Listen's." "Oh My God It's A Downward Spiral Little Ruler Of The Playground With The Little Girlfriend Today Found." "I C All The Ics In Gothic's, Tic's In Artistic's, An In Christian And Satan, It In Demand Or On To Know The Rest Of What's Gone." "Flying Nuns, Islamic Veil's And Sligh Fysty Wicked One's." "Im Dub Stepping Out Here, Lord Vladimir, The Raven's Are At The Club Full Of Love And The CBN Guy Wants Some." "Ill Tell Myself How I Feel About Myself After I Get Over Myself, By Then We Will Listen." "I Was Studying Satanism While Talking To Jesus On The Cross Upside Down, All This Because The Word I Found." "Im A Governor Amongst The Permissible, Beneficial Constructiveness To Discuss With This, That, Which Is, Was And To Come."


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