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54 "Your Hour Of Power, And Beyond"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"My Word's Are In Shambles From Hungry Cannibal's, IM Judging Myself, Is This The Way I Would Want My Life To Be Lived?" "But I Have Not Given A Thing, Or Have I, Rearranged In The Membrane." "It's Prophetic War's Creating The Ephesian Lifestyle, Created Door's Marrying The Wife Child." "Time Spent With The Ones Who Has The Power To Change The World, Just Don't Take Too Much Love You Might Hurl." "I Agree, Lovely One, Radicalism To The Extreme, A Charismatic Approach With Out The Unclean." "Pentecostalism Make Your Mark And Whatever Word's That Would Ignite The Same Type Spark." "Aaaaah In The Soul To Distance Adoration On The Stroll, This Closer To Control." "Calvary Capsule Past The Moon, Into The Star's Far Away From Gloom, After All Were Just Dust, Particles In Air, No Disgust, From A Love To Spare." "Every So Present Window's And The City That Speaks, Door's To Shut Out Any Doubtful Leak's To A Letter Filled Land Where We Pass The Notes With Rain As Tear Drop's On Shinny Bright Rain Coat's." "There Is No Demon In Denomination, For This Is Your Hour Of Power, And Beyond." -To The Spirit That Excessively Speaks The Word's Of Powerful Excitement, Friends Whom Love At All Times And The Brothers Born For Adversity." Hoo-Rah !


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