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52 "This Time"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"By This Time Im Ready For What The Word Has To Throw At Me, I Didn't Grow Up In The Project's Or Master Anatomy, Just Found A Ear From Elder And The Strategy." "This Time I've Opened All The Way Up With The Amazing Ability To Have A Relationship With Myself Some Where Else Just Shut Up." "It's Amazing The Circumference Of A Circle, Like The Point Of A Dot Filled, The Releaved Of The Last Payment Billed, Knowing It's Truly Your's." "The Circle And All That Lye's In It, A Chosen One, Perfection And To Win It." "What Is What The Point Ponders, Opening Eyes To Honor's." "Twice As, Yet Lucky And Favorite Eight, The More I Die The More I Create." "This A To Live Making Me Alive, The World Making Reason To Open Eyes, This To Heaven, Making A Mark Into Godliness." "What A Relation With The Word, Un Afraid To All It Is, The Power And Understanding." "This Time Just To See What You Would Dish Back, All In This Act."


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