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51 "Club Wear
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Flicker Flacker, Tea Up And Sup With The Glittering Star's, Sparkle And Shine Of Club Bar's." "Pulse Pulse, Progressive Feet's, Tough's, Bounce You Out With Spiritual Puff's And Stolen V.I.P Seat's." "Loving Mood, Connectivity, Avoiding Similarity Of Rude, It's A Proxitivity." "What's Up! I'm The Dude That Would Love To Know You In The Lobby, Just Not Steve Butabi, Distance You Would Rob Me, From, Just Like On The Dance Floor, Hun." "Keys And Into The Car, High Heel's From The Ground Not To Far, In A Night Life Shinning Star." "Those Places Are Of The Spin Spin, The Bartender's Grin, Fine And Wine With Women To Fit In." "Where A Dj Is Your Friend, A Good Looker To Meet And Take Home For A Night's And Perhaps Morning's End." "She's A Bit Tipsy As Intriguing Sip's Thee Differently, With A Ride Away And Back Full Of Reminders Of Him Healing Me." "Pleasantly The Night Life Is, Club And, Biz."


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