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49 "Such A Classic Class Act"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"The Class Act Will Leave One In That's A Fact, A Liquorish React When Its Not Quite Liquor Exact." "As The Car Roll's In A Type Of Schooling Begin's, To Perform A Classic, A Laugh That Spin's." "Showing Up With Such A Performance Of Grin's Schooling Each Other Like Fish Fin's, Swimming In A Sea Of Love, Performing Art's, Classic Laugh's And All Of The Above." "When One Say's This Just To Hear It For That And React With Such A Classic Act As They Sit In Session, Expression And The Obsession To Leave The Next Teacher Guessing." "Hey Leave Them Kid's Alone, Throw The Dog It's Bone, Hang Up Every Phone When It's Enough, Just Don't Listen To Me When It's Your Bluff, To All You Ever Wanted, Hunted And Have Told, Received From A Make With Out My Err To Create Without My Gold, Be Bold." "I See, That's The Way It's Got To Be, So Have Your Laugh In This Class Act, Just Don't Forget The Counter Act Right Back....." "It's Grand Without The Paw To Avoid The Claw That Erk's Your Soul, What If You Don't Believe, Does That Give You The Right To Invade A Life, Put Your Word's Forth Than Hide From Such A Teacher Who See's Eye To Eye With A Knife?" "I've Had Up To Hear With Your Teacher's, Wait To Hear Mine, Than Judgments Fall's Making Me Blind, Such A Classic To Intertwined, One Day You Get What's Coming To You Like I Got Mine....." (Get Em Grand Ma!)

Tags: schooling

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